The Personalised Skin Care Facial

These therapeutic facials are tailored to meet your skins needs. After a detailed skin consultation we will proceed to identify and target problem areas as a means of restoring optimum skin health.


The Deep Cleansing Facial

A revitalising treatment and intensive facial experience uses steam cleansing, natural lifting movements and massage techniques to thoroughly cleanse, exfoliate, firm, and lift the skin. This treatment is followed by a complimentary hand or foot massage.


The Multivitamin Facial

An outstanding renewing and repairing vitamin-rich treatment scientifically proven to rejuvenate skin tissue. Perfect for all skin types especially tired, sun-damaged or prematurely aging conditions.


The Hydroxy Acid Facial

A treatment that produces remarkable results after just one session. An exfoliant system that smooths the skin with a revolutionary blend of hydroxy acids, enzymes and vitamins which removes dull skin cells and debris.


The Express Facial

This express “microzone” facial is a designed for those with a busy schedule. Concentrating on your immediate skin concerns, this regular maintenance treatment provides cleansing, exfoliation, a customised mask and moisturiser.


The Revitalising Eye Treatment Facial

This gentle facial combines exfoliation, massage and a hydrating masque which will eliminate tired eyes leaving them firmer, hydrated and revitalised. Fine lines will also appear reduced.


The Back Cleansing Facial

The Back Cleansing Facial combines the best of both worlds – a muscle easing massage with a reviving body scrub and facial for the back. The deep cleansing facial, which includes steam extraction, is designed to work on dry or congested skin or breakout areas on your back. Also, a stress relief treatment is also performed using essential oils which will leave your skin glowing.